Our activities

We do activities such as sports, arts, painting, reading, singing, dancing, planting and baking.

All these activities are done in the after-school programs between 2pm to 6pm to protect children from being involved in high-risk activities taking place at Yeoville until the parents return home in the evening.

We all have the responsibility to protect our children and to raise them with constructive activities to help them become the future leaders of tomorrow.

We would kindly like to request your assistance with donations towards food parcels, sport items such as soccer ball, basket ball with the rim and backboard, A4 white papers, reusable computers, laptops and accessories, toys and games, stationaries, studying tables and chairs, whiteboards and markers, office supplies, crayon, pencils, coloring books, painting kits, blankets, bed sheets, towels, toiletries, cleaning agent and everything you can help us with, will be generously appreciated.